Court Reporter Job Description

Courts are the law bodies, where lots of cases are solved and filed daily. Every one seeks justice from these law bodies and it gets very difficult to remember the deals and proofs of various cases and sessions held in the court. In order to do fair dealings and provide justice to each and everyone, it is very important to have a record of all the activities taking place in the court hall.

Roles and Responsibilities

The professionals who are appointed for this task are known as court reporters. The court reporters’ duty is to be attentive during the sessions of the court and record the verbatim of the court, legislative assembly meetings, or other meetings. He or she is responsible to make a report on all the information, which has been passed in the court. The court reporter makes the report of the data in the written or electronic form. He or she transcribes records and maintains the important data that would help in solving cases in the court proceedings.

There are many methods or modes by which the recordings can be done at the court by the court reporter. The stenographic method is taken up, in which the data is reported by the steno type machine and the words through phonetic mode. The words then can be generated through sounds or syllable mode.

A new method has been introduced in which the steno type is connected to the computer and the word entered is displayed on the screen. Also a voice silencer is used, which is connected to the computer and ensures that the voice of court reporter is not heard. The electronic methods are used now, involving the audio aid, both analog and digital and preferred over other systems. Court operator job description now explains the qualifications and skills required along with the career growth in this field.

Qualification and Skills Required

Qualifications required

The person must be a graduate with bachelor degree in any field. Apart from this, there is a formal training for the students who desire to be court reporter. There are courses and training centers, which provides trainings in the field and certification, which makes the person a certified court reporter. These rules are set by the National Court Reporter Association (NCRA).

Careers growth

The court reporters are hired by courts and government agencies. Due to an increase in the closed caption and translating services, the need for court reporters has been raised to a huge level. So, the profession finds a great demand ahead. The salary scales are good but may vary for different agencies.

Court Clerk Job Description

The below written article give a brief over view of what the court clerk job description is.

The title called court clerk is given to the individual called as officer of court working with the chief judge in looking the administration of the court. The court clerks are vital to aid in supervision of the cases all through the court and keep the proper record of it. The clerks are also needed to govern the oath to witnesses, jurors, and the grand jurors. They also work to ensure that the court documents and records are accurate and precise; and also the proceedings are followed in the proper order.

They also give the face to face client service in their office and assist them in clearing the queries related to case and their filling in the court. Court clerks do the research and make the copies of the official documents and perform some other administrative tasks.

Even though it sounds straightforward and simple, the clerks have to perform different functions for the easy survival of the job which comprises the:

  • Trials
  • Managing court records
  • Miscellaneous functions
  • Customer service

The clerk is the essential part of the court; even the fact is that the court will not be able to work without the highly efficient clerk to hold the daily tasks.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Performing the secretarial and clerical duties like filing, typing, attending appointments of the court, and answering calls etc.
  • Administer pledge to jurors, witnesses, grand jurors in the course of hearings and trials.
  • Endorse the copies of the records, make the docket of coming cases, contact the witnesses, litigants and lawyers of the court and instruct them for the hearings.
  • Transcribe and record minutes of the court hearings, hold financial record charge and perform as guardian of the seal and records of the court.
  • Collection of the fees and other charges done through the court.
  • Preparing the reports, forms and processing the warrants and petitions.
  • Makes proper note of the decisions of the court, reviews the records and handling the court communications.
  • Match up with other departments and the employees in the other official matters.
  • Organizing and issuing the orders of court.
  • Maintaining the official records of the court bar.

Qualification and Skills Required

Education / Training:

Every profession demands certain pre-requisites for the position. The person aspiring to become clerk needs to pass the high diploma or any other equivalent education. They can also have the business school degree in hand. But most of the times, having the degree of bachelor’s in the public administration, law or business is preferred by the court officials.

In spite of all these, the person also needs to have proper internship program in the recognized Juvenile Court Services or the Juvenile Probation Department in the department of the law and order.


  • Must be attentive enough to hear details properly.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Fair coordination skills.
  • Self confidence.
  • Basic knowledge of the computers to fill the records in the computer.
  • Capability to work in the shifts.
  • Ability to maintain good relations with the public.
  • Capability to handle the administrative tasks of the court.

Professional Growth

The job outlook for the court clerk is expected to rise by 10 percent in the year of 2011 to 2018 which is somewhat less than as compared to other occupations. However, the job advancement in the field can be possible with the experience in the federal departments and by getting the specialization of the master’s degree.

Counselor Job Description

A Counselor is a personwho gives an advice to other people’s regarding their problems. So, the counselor is also known as an adviser. The specialty of counselor is that they have a desire to help others with trust, respect and confidence and the ability to generate the same trust and respect in the person’s mind.

The Counselor Job Description would help us to understand the requirements of getting into this field of work. The counselors would be found to be working with large scale industries, companies both in public as well as in the private sector. Job as a counselor is not an easy task, because as a counselor you must have to keep all the points in the mind regarding the subject on which they have to give the advice to the person as this advice from a counselor can be very crucial for that person.

The work of counselors depends on the specific field they are specialized in. The counselor can be of many types like an educational counselor, health counselor, law counselor, sports counselor, etc. So, the work of the counselor depends according to their field. Many counselors work in an office where they see clients throughout the day and charge them according to their needs.

Qualification and Skills Required

Educational Qualification: To be counselor one must have excellent education qualification like a master’s degree is must needed to become a licensed counselor or to be certified as a counselor. Firstly bachelor’s degree is must in that specific field securing good marks and then a master’s degree should be needed only in that specific field.

Other requirements:  The requirement for becoming the counselor is that one should have the certification or must be licensed in that field. For becoming a good counselor one must have experience of 3 to 5 years in that field and the ability to generate respect, trust and confidence in the mind of the person. A counselor must have good communication skills and good interaction skills and must have personal values to talk about them so that they can generate respect and trust in the mind of the person to whom they are giving advice.

Skills required for these counselors:

Below given are the skills which are required to become a good counselor:

  • To be a counselor one should have the master’s degree in that specific field.
  • The counselor also needs to be friendly, personable and approachable as they had to involve in long periods of conversation with clients or group of clients.
  • They must have the ability to generate respect, trust and confidence in the minds of clients.
  • They must have the capability to give an advice in an effective and efficient manner.
  • A counselor must have problem solving abilities, be self motivated, and organized.
  • Multi-tasking, able to handle more than one job at a time

Professional Growth:

Job prospects as a counselor are excellent. So to make a career as a counselor is a good choice for those who are having a master’s degree and had specialized knowledge in a particular field. As a counselor, their future opportunities are bright only if they are having work experience of about 3 to 5 years in a particular field. Employment for the counselor is increasing day by day and is expected to grow more in few coming years.

There has been an estimation that an 11.45% growth would be there till the year 2015 in this profession. Many counselors works in an office where they see clients throughout the day and charge them according to their needs. So, once the counselor has the experience, then he may also own their own office to give advice to clients.

Cosmetologist Job Description

A cosmetologist is a person who tends to the diseases and disorders of hair, nail, or skin. What is the cosmetologist job description? They guide people on how well they can take care of their skin nail or hair. A cosmetologist is a person who works in a hospital, saloon, spa, or hotels. Some of them even sell their own products in the saloon or at there own workplace. They guide us on the kind of cosmetics to be used depending upon the type of skin or hair of the person being treated. In short, they deal with the beauty of the hair, skin, and nails of the person.

They give scalp treatments, facials to all kinds of skins. Cosmetologists sometimes specialize in nail spa, hair spa, etc where they cater to the specific need of the patient with great attention to minutiae. They require good inter personnel skills. He/she should be aware of the latest trends prevailing, as they have to work on updated fashion trends of the market.

Some cosmetologist is also responsible for caring of the wigs, they often weave the hair in scalp with the help of the state of the art technology, to persons having less hair growth, which might occur due to a variety of factors. He/she might have to take the phone calls or book the appointments over the phone.

Qualification and Skills Required

What are the essential requirements for being a cosmetologist (cosmetology job description)?


They have to acquire the high school degree or a diploma as well for being a hair specialist or the cosmetologist. They even have to earn the training for approx a year. Some vocational courses also offer the specialized courses.

Licensure Requirements:

They require a license to operate from the government. The license may differ from state to state. They have to undergo a written and the practical test to avail the license.

Skills required by a cosmetologist

General Skills Required –

  • They are require to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene
  • Good team player
  • Good communication skills
  • Polite attitude
  • Inter personnel skills
  • Supervision of the subordinates
  • Market knowledge
  • Should be aware of all the beauty products prevailing in the market and there usage
  • Need to work on Flexible or fixed working hours
  • Update the customer records

Professional Growth

The professional growth is good as the demand for a cosmetologist is increasing as people have gone more beauty conscious. There has been a significant rise in the need for cosmetologists in recent years. Also, with the fashion and trends changing every hour, and with the people who want to keep up with the pace increasing equally fast, there is an insatiable need for the professionals as of today.

Correctional Officer Job Description

Correctional officers are the guards present in the prisons who guides the local, state, and federal inmates about the rules and regulations in the prisons. They even listen to the problems related to the prisoners and try to solve them.

They perform several duties and responsibilities in prison. Correctional officer job description includes accompanying the inmates to dining rooms, hospitals, chapels, work areas, etc. They act as guards during functions and other recreational activities to avoid any kind of nuisance and disturbances. They also perform the duties of patrolling prison buildings, checking locks, bars, windows, etc so that the prisoners can’t escape away.

Not only this but they also escort the prisoners outside the prison also, like in taking them to community prayers, trips, etc. They even keep an eye on prisoners who are sent for their trials in the courts. The correctional officers are fully trained in handling arms like guns, handcuffs, and other related types of equipment. They even provide written reports of the work performed by the prisoners. They check both the quality and quantity of work done by them.

Qualification and Skills Required

Qualification- The candidate interested to be a correctional officer should have a bachelor’s degree. The federal agency prefers candidates with a degree. Age also matters a lot in this field. The minimum age criterion is eighteen years while the maximum is twenty-one years. The correctional officers should also have a diploma in counseling and supervision of individuals.

Besides this they are also required to clear a written taste followed by psychological test and interview for the past of correctional officer.

Training Requirement- Regarding the training program the correctional officers have to undergo a one to six months training depending on the size and number of prisoners in the prison. During this training period they are taught various courses on principles, practices, terminology and rules of correctional methods. They are also provided training on personal defense, use of guns, rifle skills etc. Certificates are also provided to the candidates on completion of different levels required to be a correctional officer. The job as a correctional officer is stressful at times as they have to work in eight to ten hours of shift but still they are trained in such a way that they can overcome this stress. They even work on weekends and holidays during the emergencies.

Skills required by the correctional officers:

 General skills required- The correctional officers also known as jailers or prison officers need strong interpersonal and communication skills. Besides this they should also have certain other important skills like:-

  • They should be nondiscriminatory and fair in their work i.e they should treat all the inmates equally.
  • They should be good arbitrator’s so that they can easily resolve the issues related to the inmates
  • They should be completely focused while talking to the prisoners.
  • They should have a high degree of self-resistant power. They should have the power to control their anger.
  • They should have the skills of mentioning all the rules and regulations very clearly to the inmates in a concise manner
  • The correctional officers should have the skills of working in teams because many a times they have to work with other team members.
  • They should be friendly and pleasant. They should maintain good relations with the other officers in the prison as well as with the inmates.
  • They should be fair-minded in their approach. They should not tolerate any kind of misbehavior from the inmates.
  • They should be attentive towards the needs of the officers and the inmates.
  • They should be alert in identifying the health issues of the inmates.

Professional Growth

With continuous experience, education and training a correctional officer will advance to high ranks in their careers. With their increased ranks their salary will also be increased. If we talk about bigger prisons then there, individuals can start their career as a correctional officer and can go to the post of deputy keepers.

If we talk about the employment history of the correctional officers then according to the U.S statistics there job opportunities are very good by 2014. The positions for the correctional officers will increase as more and more prisons are built as the numbers of prisoners are increasing.

Corporate Controller Job Description

This Corporate Controller Job Description would explain in detail what sort of tasks does a Corporate Controller generally does. A Corporate Controller is an individual who manages, examines and ensures the necessities, financial needs, operating cost of the corporation. The corporate controller is also popularly known as Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Corporate controller or the Chief Financial Officers are top managers employed by the corporations. Their main task is to maintain the finances appropriately or in a controlled way. They make monetary strategies, take monetary conclusions, arrange budgets for the corporation, tracks the expenses and the incomes of the corporation etc. He manages financial plans and makes savings decisions. Corporate Controller is also known as the Chief Accounting Officer.


  • He/she manages all activities of monetary recording in the corporation.
  • The CFO takes up the control of the accounting group.
  • The CFO hires associates of his accounting group.
  • He/she is responsible for guiding the operations of the team.
  • They prepare monetary reports.


  • The CFO is responsible for recruiting efficient team associates for upholding appropriate transactions for review.
  • He/she also ensures that the transactions are reviewed prior to auditing to guard the corporation’s stock interest.
  • The CFO directs changes in the monetary reports if require.
  • The CFO deals with the union.
  • The corporate controller ensures that the secretarial group follows guideline of funds for efficient manage of corporation assets.

Qualification and Skills Required

Education / Training:

  • The corporate controller must have a bachelor’s degree in business, accounting, or management. A Master’s degree in business administration and accounting is beneficial.
  • A candidate holding a degree in chartered accountancy is most favored and after training, they may get a certification as a Certified Public Accountant.
  • Certified Management is an additional kind of qualification that may be held by the Corporate Controller.


  • The corporate controller must be excellent at problem-solving.
  • He/she must have curiosity in monetary market processes.
  • The corporate controller must have outstanding financial and economic knowledge.
  • He/she must be should be excellent with statistics and numbers.
  • They must have excellent business administration proficiencies.
  • He/she must have practical knowledge and should be able to work with financial software.
  • He/she should be able to work in a team.
  • The Corporate Controller must have excellent logical skills, must be a planned intellectual, and be excellent in monetary planning.

 Professional Growth

There is a strong professional outlook in this field. The demand is going to increase. A person with excellent financial and economic principles can have a greater scope. In the market, competition for this position is very high.

Corporate Communications Job Description

This Corporate Communications Job Description would explain in detail what sort of tasks that corporate communications generally involve. The corporate communications place is accountable for receiving the organization’s message to the preferred spectators. This can consist of designing messages for interior listeners (employees) or an outside one (Public or the customers).


  • The main task is to fill out the outlines of corporate branding.
  • The duty is to cut inconsistencies between the corporation’s preferred identity and brand features.
  • The task is to hand over tasks in communication.
  • The duty is to prepare and do effectual actions in building decisions on statements that matters.
  • The job duty is to assemble external and internal support for business goals.
  • Job duty is to organize global business firms.

 Education / Training:

  • To enter this profession one should hold a Bachelor’s degree in journalism/communications/International business/marketing and field experience.
  • Master’s degree with communication is helpful.

Professional skills

• They should have excellent written and verbal communication skills.

• He or she must be skilled in Excel, Word, Access, Power Point and Outlook.

• They should be proficient in setting up projects and capable to rank schemes.

Personal skills

  •  The person must have outstanding communication skills.
  •  The persons should have own proposals to resolve the problems.
  •  He or she should be a highly planned and competent person.
  •  They should be able to work in a team.
  •  He or she should remain focused on attaining set goals.
  •  They should have a high vigor level.
  •  The candidate must be skilled in project development and capable to rank assignments.

Professional Growth

The opportunities for the Corporate Communications expert is both demanding and satisfying. A profession in the corporate communication field occupies wonderful learning knowledge and experience in the field of communications.

Copywriter Job Description

The article mentioned below will give you a brief idea of what is the copywriter job description is all about. His work includes formulation of new words, slogans and various kinds of scripts/audio scripts mainly. This is done for promoting an idea, person, business, product, company or an individual. They are usually connected with the world of advertisement. Strong communicative and visualizing skills are needed like reading, writing and have an excellent command of English language and other abilities like proof reading and editing is also needed.

A copywriter has many fields to choose from where he can work. Like writing speeches, articles, sales letters, bulletins, and other market related promotional materials in form of different printed names and slogans on colored brochures and other packed products.

Advertisements of these above mentioned products are usually made accordingly to the client’s expectation and the main motive behind it is to lure a large number of audiences by making it more imaginative and sellable. The information provided is usually presented in an easy and accurate manner by him and the art director who are responsible for the presentation. It should comply with the ethical codes.

The process of copywriting goes through many different stages; it is done till the client is fully satisfied. They work hard in a team in order to finish given deadlines.
He should be computer savvy. They are in huge demand and work for all sectors which includes government and as well as private.
Their creative bend of mind can take them to places and an average copywriter can earn $59,000 in a year.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Copywriter:

• He has strong communicative and visualizing skills that are needed in reading and writing.
• He has an excellent command of the English language
• He has experience in proofreading and editing.
• He is usually connected with the world of advertisement, print, and media.
• His work includes writing of speeches, articles, sales letters, bulletins, and other market related promotional materials in the form of different printed names and slogans on colored brochures and other packed products.
• He has a sound knowledge of Microsoft Office Tools and other web technologies.


• Should have a Bachelors’s Degree in Arts.
• Should have a Masters Degree in the English Language.
• Degree in animation and graphics is an added advantage.
• Should have an experience of 0-5 years.
• Should have knowledge of Microsoft Office tools and other web technologies.


• Should be highly creative and introduce new innovative ideas as and when required.
• Should have excellent communicative and visualizing skills.
• Should work in a team in order to finish given deadlines.
• Having a background in advertisement field is an advantage in this profession.
• Excellent command over English as a Language is required.
• Excellent skills like proof reading, editing and writing are required.

Professional Growth

• They are in huge demand and work for all sectors which includes government and as well as private.
• They are needed in advertising agencies, printing press, Print and media and various organizations.

Copy Editor Job Description

The newspapers, magazines and books that we read in our daily life are prepared by many departments. It is not just the task of one department, but a group effort or we can say it follows a layered design flow, in which the last step is the editing of the text in the newspapers, magazines and books. The errors can disturb the comfortable reading of the reader. The errors of spelling, grammar or punctuation can impose a bad effect on the mind of reader and he or she may lose interest in reading further. To prevent this, copy editors work to benefit the reader by editing the texts in the newspapers, magazines and books.

The publisher set called ‘house style’ is a set of text correction rules. All the corrections and editions are made according to these rules by the editor. House style is followed without fail. If a word is spelled wrong on one page, it is the duty of the copy editor that it is corrected. The copy editor also maintains the consistency of the headings and captions on every page of the newspaper or magazine. Not just the grammatical mistakes, but also the checking of the fact is done by the copy editor. He or she checks the information given on the newspaper to know if it is correct or wrong. They check the names, addresses of the people or other important information in the newspaper or magazine. All the facts and details are rechecked by the copy editor to ensure if the data is updated or not. The copy editors work at magazine publishing house, newspapers or books publishing houses etc. Some are employed at full production houses and some work as free lancers. Copy editor job description will now explain about the required qualifications and career growth.

Skills and expertise required

Qualifications required

The people who are seeking career in the copy editing must possess a graduate degree in any field. If the person has English background or degree in literature or grammar then they have a bigger chance. The candidate must have knowledge of other fields like medicine, science or current affairs etc. Many schools and universities give training of copy editing to the students who want to enter the field.

Career growth

The candidate applying for this field may get placed as an editing executive or assistant to a copy editor, but with the experience he or she will become a copy editor in no time. The salary varies but is good at almost every publishing firm.

Contract Specialist Job Description

A personspecialized in maintaining the contract between 2 or even more parties with common obligations, which might or might not involve paper work, is called as Contract Specialist. Contract can be orally made too. A contract specialist manages all the contracts in an effective and efficient manner taking care of all the things regarding the contract.

Contract Specialist Job Description helps us to understand the requirements of getting into this field of work. Most of the contract specialists would be found to be working with large scale industries, companies both in public as well as in the private sector. Job as a contract specialist is not an easy task, because as a contract specialist you must keep all the points in the mind regarding the contract. Basically the work of contract specialist is to manage contracts and takes care of the fact that it will be under the laws and matches the company policies.

Generally, the government agencies are employing the contract specialist to draw up and manage the contracts with the private sector for the purpose of supplies and services. In the private sector, contract specialist has several titles like contract manager who manages the work in an effective and profitable manner, contract administrator who controls the contracts, and so on.

Credentials and Ability required:

The requirement for becoming the contract specialist is that one should have a bachelor’s degree and must have experience in that field. To be a good contract specialist one must have a good communication skills for interacting with the high level people and should have the knowledge of rules and laws. To be a contract specialist one must also have strong organizational skills, able to organize and manage the contracts and make them work effectively.

There are different posts in different companies for the contract specialist, like contract manager, contract administrator. They must have the ability to work in a team and lead the team with experience and by displaying positive attitude. Must have a good computer knowledge knowing how to maintain and access the database. To be a contract specialist one must have the experience of working in this field for 3 to 5 years.

Skills required for these Contract Specialist:

  • To be a contract specialist one should have the bachelor’s degree in business
  • They must have the experience of working in this field of about 3 to 5 years
  • The contract specialist must have a good analytical skills
  • The capability to handle contracts effectively and profitably
  • They must have a good communication skills
  • Multi-tasking, able to handle more than one job at a time
  • They must be self-starter, self-motivator able to work alone when required just to complete the contracts

Professional Growth:

The job prospects of contract specialists are excellent. So to make a carrier as a contract specialist is a good choice for those who are having specialized knowledge on the field, their future opportunities are bright as they are having work experience in the field. As these days every transaction is done between companies and organizations through contracts. So the companies and organization hires the contract specialist for their companies just to take care of all the contracts and check whether they follow the government terms and conditions, companies policies, etc.

Growth in this profession totally depends on the employee’s abilities and skills. The contract specialist having a good experience of working had a good chance to get promoted by the company or the organization. So, to be a contract specialist, one must have good interaction skills and must have experience in the specific field. The average salary of contract specialists differs from organization to organization and also depends on the abilities of a contractor.

Contract Manager Job Description

The Contract Manager is an individual, responsible for the bonds and agreements between the corporation and vendors/suppliers. The main duty of the Contract Manager is to set up and uphold long-term functioning of partnerships or relationships between the corporation and chosen vendors/suppliers.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Investigate supplier/vendor’s abilities and recognize a group of applicant suppliers/vendors for scheme reflection.
  • Help in the concession of agreements with an ideal mix of quality and price.
  • Charge the estimates submitted and choosing the bidders with which the financial/commercial consultation may be performed.
  • Put targets in order to attain positive results in cost negotiations.
  • Carry out the monetary and agreement negotiations at a suitable organization level.
  • Recognize and check financial developments in the marketplace.
  • Direct the spirited bidding and assortment process.
  • Discuss contract conditions, costs, price schedule and making sure that the contracts with the suppliers/vendors are commercially beneficial.
  • Mediates, examines, directs and decides business opportunities between the suppliers/vendors and the company.

Education / Training:

To work as a Contract Manager, the candidate must have a BA/BS degree in a right field such as health administration or business economics. Appropriate knowledge such as in the field of sales and marketing or contract investigates for the pharmaceutical company is the need.


  • Explain goals and arrive at contract upholding the interests of every party.
  • Stay up to date with advertising styles and new growths using data for business development.
  • Construct and uphold outstanding relationships with co-workers and customers.
  • Capability to outline situations, checking and accessing thereby defining set strategies to meet business goals.
  • Solving problems at a planned level and working with others to meet a decision.
  • The Contract Manager must be cautious in setting up to meet precise and positive results.

 Professional Growth

The global job projection for the contract managers includes an excellent enlargement curve.  In addition to that, pay packages are also attractive.

Contract Administrator Job Description

Contract administrator is a person who performs all contract related tasks in organization or in company. He manages all the formalities of the contracts that are made by the company. He assists all the technicians concerned with the services, production, materials, schedules and the accuracy.

He is the professional who makes deals with the people and signs the contracts. He helps in getting the contracts. He prepares all the required papers and documents related to the contracts and provide it to the concerned company.

He is accounted for all the interactions between the firm and the partner with whom the contract is to be signed. He makes sure that both the parties are up to their words and the deal is beneficial for all.

He makes sure that quality of the contract should be maintained in every possible way. He should make sure that whatever the contracts has in it, it is under the rules and policies of the particular firm or organization. He can suggest making the contract more effective and strong. He can send mails and arrange meetings with the company authorities and clients regarding any detail of the contract. His technical skills make contract more beneficial to the company and the client.

Skills and education

A bachelor degree in science of pre- law gives the basic education of the profile concerned.  Degree in management will hamper and is added as an extra advantage in getting into this profession. Degree of law also helps an aspirant to become a good contract administrator. Some experience of handling the contracts will add an advantage.

He should be capable of handling different contracts at one time. He must have a good knowledge of laws and legislation so that he can understand the legal prospects of the contracts easily. He should maintain all the records of the contracts regularly and update it as per requirement.

He must have good knowledge of computers and latest technologies. He should be a good negotiator and have good communication skills. He should be able to handle difficult situations in times of need. He must have excellent organizational skills so that he can maintain balance between the company and the client. He should be aware of all the procedures of the contracts so that when in need he can make any improvements. He should keep one thing in mind while performing this job; he should know that he has great responsibility on his shoulders and a single mistake will cause hazards for the company and the client.

Professional growth:

The growth of contract administrator is good. He can join any company or firm because every organization requires these professionals. The annual salary for contract administrators was $83,500 in 2018. Today, as the employment increases in this field, their salaries and perks are on increase too. So we can say that they have a good and secure future.