10 Best Jobs for Science Students

10 Best Jobs for Science Students

Science students have a wide range of job opportunities available to them.

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Biochemist:  A biochemist studies the chemical processes in living organisms. They develop new drugs and treatments, or to improve food production.


Biophysicist:  A biophysicist studies the physical properties of living organisms. They  develop new medical technologies, or to improve our understanding.


Biomedical Engineer:  A biomedical engineer designs and creates new medical technologies. They  develop new devices and treatments, or to improve existing ones.


Cancer Research Scientist:  A cancer research scientist studies the causes and effects of cancer. They develop new treatments and therapies.


Environmental Scientist:  An environmental scientist studies the effects of human activity on the environment. They  develop new ways to protect the environment.


Epidemiologist:  An epidemiologist studies the patterns and causes of disease. They develop new ways to prevent or treat disease, or to improve our understanding of how it spreads.


Forensic Scientist:  A forensic scientist uses their knowledge of science to help solve crimes. They use their skills to collect and analyze evidence.


Marine Biologist:  A marine biologist studies the plants and animals that live in the ocean. They develop new ways to protect the marine environment.


Microbiologist:  A microbiologist studies the tiny organisms that live in our bodies and the environment. They develop new ways to prevent or treat disease.


Pharmacist:  A pharmacist dispenses medication prescribed by doctors and other health professionals. They correct medication, and to provide advice on the use of medication.


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