7 Most Common Jobs in America

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The United States of America is an incredibly diverse economy, with a wide variety of jobs available to its citizens.

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Retail salespeople are responsible for selling goods in retail stores. Their duties include greeting customers.

1. Retail salesperson

Cashiers are responsible for ringing up purchases at retail stores. Their duties include taking payments from customers, giving receipts.

2. Cashier

Customer service representatives are responsible for helping customers with their inquiries.

3. Customer service

Registered nurses are responsible for providing patient care in hospitals and other health care settings.

4. Registered nurse

Food service workers are responsible for preparing and serving food in restaurants, schools, and other food-service establishments.

5. Food service worker

Office clerks are responsible for performing administrative tasks in an office setting. Their duties include filing, organizing, and scheduling.

6. Office clerk

Elementary school teachers are responsible for providing instruction to students in grades K-5.

7. Elementary school 

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