10 Top Tips on how to tailor your CV

By ResumeKraft

Start by reviewing the job description and specification to get an understanding of the skills and experience required.


Make a list of your own skills and experience that match the requirements of the role.


Highlight your most relevant and impressive skills and experience on your CV.


Use strong and positive language to sell yourself and your skills.


Avoid using generic phrases such as "I am a hard worker" or "I have good communication skills".


Tailor your CV to each individual job application - don't send out a generic CV to every employer.


Check your grammar and spelling before sending your CV.


Use a professional CV template to make your CV look polished and professional.


Get someone else to proofread your CV before you send it off.


Finally, make sure you send your CV in a format that the employer can open, such as PDF or Microsoft Word.


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