Zzz... Snooze Alert! Is Your Resume Boring Recruiters to Sleep?

By ResumeKraft

Avoid these common mistakes and make your resume stand out!

Don't stick with the same old template. Use modern design & layout to grab attention instantly.

1.Outdated Format

Avoid vague terms like "responsible for" and "assisted with." Use strong action verbs & specific examples.

2.Generic Language

Don't leave hiring managers guessing. Use relevant keywords from the job description throughout.

3.Missing Keywords

Show, don't tell! Quantify your achievements with numbers, percentages, or metrics.

4.No Quantified Accomplishments

Instead of "Tasks were completed," say "I completed tasks." Use active voice for a stronger impression.

5.Passive Voice

Keep it concise & focused. Only include the most relevant experience & skills for each position.

6.Too Much Information

Typos & grammatical errors scream lack of attention to detail. Proofread meticulously before submitting.

7.Lack of Proofreading

Don't blend in! Showcase your unique personality & achievements through a personal branding statement.

8.No Personal Branding

Avoid using family members as references. Opt for professional colleagues who can vouch for your skills.

9.Unprofessional References

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