Tips to Write ATS-Friendly Resume

By ResumeKraft

If you want to ensure your resume is ATS-friendly, there are several things you can do.

Chronological resumes are the best format for an ATS. Functional resumes are often difficult for an ATS to read.

1. Resume format

Your email address is one of the first things an employer will see on your resume. Make sure it’s professional and easy to remember.

2. Professional email Id

Make sure to use the same keywords that are used in the job posting. An ATS will be looking for these keywords to match your resume to the job.

3. Keywords

Titles and descriptions are another way to include keywords. Make sure they accurately describe your skills and experience.

4. Relevant titles

Bullet points are easier for an ATS to read than paragraphs. They are also more likely to include keywords that the employer is looking for.

5. Use bullet points

Some ATS systems cannot read images or graphics. To be safe, avoid using them altogether.

6. Avoid using images

Include keywords that are specific to your industry. This will help your resume stand out to employers in your field.

7. Specific keywords

Each job you apply for is different. Make sure to tailor your resume to each specific job to increase your chances of being selected for an interview.

8. Tailor your resume

An ATS is looking for consistency in a resume. Use the same format for each job you apply for, and don’t switch things up.

9. Consistent format

Action verbs help to show what you have accomplished in your career. Use them throughout your resume to paint a picture of your successes.

10. Action verbs

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