How to make your resume more appealing to employers

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Most job seekers find themselves asking how to make their resume more appealing to employers.

Top 10 tips

Use a professional email address. Avoid using addresses that are unprofessional or include your name.

1. Use a email address

Use a modern, professional font. This will make your resume look more polished and sophisticated.

2. Use a professional font

stylish formatting. This will help your resume stand out and be more easily readable.

3. stylish formatting

Stick to a professional or neutral tone. This will make you appear more professional and polished.

4. Stick to neutral tone

Use action verbs. This will help your resume sound more powerful and confident.

5. Use action verbs

Use strong language. This will help your resume sound more convincing and persuasive.

6. Use strong language

Highlight your skills and accomplishments. This will help your resume appear more impressive and impactful.

7. Highlight your skills

Use bullet points. This will make your resume more visually appealing and easier to read.

8. Use bullet points

Keep your resume short and to the point. This will make it more likely that employers will read it in its entirety.

9. Keep short and to point

By tailoring your resume to the job description, you signal to the hiring manager that your resume is relevant and that you’re the right person.

10. tailor your resume

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