How to Manage Your Time: 10 Tips From Career Experts

By ResumeKraft

Set a time for wasting time: Working long hours at your maximum capacity will accomplish nothing but burnout.

Now it’s time to take control, using your secret weapon…dual lists. The Secret is Creating Two Lists Your priority list will be two separate but related lists.

1. Make a list

Setting aside distractions that will obviously eat into available time, deep, focused effort required of many of our most important tasks.

2. important tasks

Get To It! It might seem like a harmless distraction, but procrastination can limit your life chances and be detrimental to your health.

3. Don’t procrastinate

Learning to say no is like learning anything: it seems really scary at first, but it's so rewarding when you get the hang of it!

4. Learn to say “no”

you should delegate as much as possible; doing so will develop the capabilities of your staff and give you more time for important and work.

5. Delegate tasks

Taking a break when you need to take a break is a form of self-care. Letting yourself experience renewal and regeneration.

6. Take breaks

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7. Plan ahead

A personal journal to write about your daily life, your thoughts, and your feelings about what you’re going through.

8. Keep a journal

The sports industry can be competitive, so it might take some time to land your dream job.

9. Be patient

Try following these tips and see how they help you manage your time more effectively.

10. Seek help when needed

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