Resume Writing for Careers in the Film and TV Industry

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Writing a resume for a career in the film and TV industry is a bit different than what you would include on a typical resume.

Top 7 tips

Contact information: Make sure your contact information is up-to-date and easy to find.

1. Contact information

Include the school you attended, degree earned, and any honors and awards you received.

2. Education

Include any previous jobs or internships in the film and TV industry that you have held.

3. Relevant experience

Include any skills or knowledge that you possess that are specific to the TV and film industry such as sound engineering.

4. Special skills

List any professional organizations or associations you are part of that are related to the TV and film industry.

5. Professional affiliations

Include at least two references who can speak to your skills and experience in the industry.

6. References

List any projects you’ve worked on in the film and TV industry, including the title

7. Projects

Job Winning Resume Example

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