Stop Using These Resume Killer Words

By ResumeKraft

Ditch the clichés and land your dream job! Discover 9 overused resume words to avoid and powerful alternatives to replace them.

This generic phrase tells recruiters nothing. Instead, showcase your specific skills and achievements with quantifiable evidence.

1.Highly Qualified

Everyone claims to be a team player. Prove it! Use action verbs and specific examples to demonstrate your teamwork abilities.

2.Team Player

This word is vague and meaningless. Highlight specific instances where you took initiative and the positive results you achieved.


Don't just say it, show it! Quantify your accomplishments using numbers, percentages, and specific examples of how you drove results.


Trendy terms may seem clever, but they come across as unprofessional and cringeworthy. Stick to clear, concise language.

5."Ninja" or "Rockstar"

These buzzwords are overused and lack substance. Use industry-specific terms to demonstrate your real expertise.

6."Cutting-Edge" or "Disruptive"

This is a waste of valuable space. Include your references directly on your resume or provide a link to a separate document.

7. "References Available Upon Request"

This passive voice weakens your impact. Use action verbs to emphasize your achievements and leadership qualities.

8. "Responsible for"

This word is subjective and meaningless. Quantify your experience with years, projects completed, or specific achievements.


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