Top 10 Best Non-IT Jobs in the US

Top 10 Best Non-IT Jobs in the US

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The median pay for a salesperson is $55,000 per year, making it one of the best non-IT jobs in the United States.

1. Salesperson:

The median pay for a teacher is $56,000 per year. Teachers are responsible for imparting knowledge and education to students in schools and colleges.

2. Teacher:

The median pay for a social worker is $50,000 per year. Social workers help people in need and provide them with support and assistance.

3. Social worker:

The median pay for a psychologist is $75,000 per year. Psychologists help people deal with mental and emotional issues.

4. Psychologist:

The median pay for a nurse is $60,000 per year. Nurses provide medical care and assistance to patients in hospitals and clinics.

5. Nurse:

The median pay for a marketing manager is $75,000 per year. Marketing managers are responsible for planning and executing marketing campaigns.

6. Marketing manager:

The median pay for a human resources manager is $85,000 per year. They are responsible for managing the employees of an organization.

7. Human resources manager:

The median pay for a financial analyst is $85,000 per year. Financial analysts provide insights and recommendations to organizations about financial matters.

8. Financial analyst:

The median pay for an accountant is $65,000 per year. Accountants are responsible for maintaining financial records and preparing financial statements.

9. Accountant:

The median pay for a business manager is $90,000 per year. Business managers are responsible for overseeing the operations of a business.

10. Business manager:

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