Top 10 Seasonal Jobs in  New York

By ResumeKraft

A retail salesperson is responsible for helping customers find the products they want, answering their questions, and processing payments.

1. Retail salesperson

Waiters and waitresses take orders and serve food and drinks to customers in restaurants.

2.  Waiter or waitress

Bartenders mix and serve alcoholic beverages to customers in bars and restaurants.

3.  Bartender

Retail stock clerks keep track of inventory and restock shelves in retail stores.

4.  Retail stock clerk

Taxi drivers transport passengers to and from their destinations.

5.  Taxi driver

Tour guides lead groups of people on tours of historic sites, museums, and other attractions.

6.  Tour guide

Hotel desk clerks manage reservations and check guests in and out of hotels.

7.  Hotel desk clerk

Recreational therapists use recreation and other activities to help people with physical, mental, or emotional disabilities.

8.  Recreational therapist

Event planners coordinate all aspects of events such as weddings, parties, and conferences.

9.  Event planner

Ski instructors teach people how to safely ski.

10. Ski instructor

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