Top 10 Skills to become a Machine Learning Engineer

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A machine learning engineer is a computer scientist that designs and applies machine learning algorithms.

obviously, you need to know machine learning algorithms and how to apply them.

1. Machine learning

a strong background in mathematics is necessary to understand the theoretical foundations of machine learning.

2. Mathematics

you need to be able to code in order to implement machine learning algorithms.

3. Programming

you need to be able to work with data, understand its structure, and  clean it.


you need to be able to understand data by visualizing it. Data visualization is the representation of data through use of common graphics.

5. Data visualization

you need to be able to communicate your findings to non-technical stakeholders.

6. Communication

you need to understand the business in which you are applying machine learning so that you can identify opportunities.

7. Business understanding

you need to be able to build production-ready machine learning models. Plan for continuous monitoring and maintenance.

8. Software engineering

you need to be able to set up and maintain the infrastructure necessary for training and deploying machine learning models.

9. Machine learning

you need to be able to debug machine learning algorithms and models. Analyze the code to identify more issues.

10. Debugging

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