Top 10 Social Media Resume Skills

Top 10 Social Media Resume Skills

By ResumeKraft

As the use of social media has become increasingly prevalent in both our personal and professional lives.

Top 10 tips

Make sure your resume profile includes a mention of your social media skills, as this will immediately grab the attention of the employer.

1. Highlight skills

Be sure to include any relevant social media experience you have in your employment history section.

2. Detail your experience

Include a list of the social media platforms you are experienced with using, as well as any specialties or skills you have for each one.

3. List your platforms

If you have experience developing and implementing social media strategies, be sure to include this in your resume.

4. Describe your strategy

When listing your social media accomplishments on your resume, be sure to include numbers and statistics that demonstrate your impact.

5. Use numbers

When applying for jobs, it's important to tailor your resume to each employer. This means including relevant social media experience that is relevant.

6. Tailor your resume

Use keywords throughout your resume that relate to social media. This will help ensure that your resume comes up in searches by potential employers.

7. Use keywords

Start by including a link to your professional social media profile, such as your LinkedIn profile.

8. Start by including a link

So, in addition to updating your resume, here are two tips to keep in mind: Keep track of your accomplishments at work.

9. Keep resume up to date

Be mindful of the tone of your email messages. Avoid sounding curt, condescending, or angry in your emails.

10. Be mindful

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