Top 9 DevOps Skills in 2023

By ResumeKraft

Master DevOps practices, continuous integration and delivery, and infrastructure as code for efficient software development.

1. devops ENGINEER 

Develop expertise in reliability engineering, incident response, and system stability, ensuring seamless application performance.

2. site reliability engineer (sre)

Hone skills in containerization tools like Docker and Kubernetes, enabling scalable and portable application deployment.

3. Containerization specialist

Understand automation frameworks, scripting languages, and orchestration tools, automating manual processes for efficiency.

4. automation ARCHITECT 

Familiarize yourself with release management practices, version control, and deployment strategies, ensuring smooth software releases.

5. release manager

Engage in IaC practices, using tools like Terraform or Ansible to define and manage infrastructure as code for deployment.

6. infrastructure as code (iac) engineer

Cultivate skills in continuous monitoring, log analysis, and performance optimization for proactive issue identification and resolution.

7. Continuous monitoring specialist

Prioritize collaboration and communication skills, fostering teamwork and effective communication between development and operations teams.

8. Collaboration & communication

Embrace continuous learning and DevOps trend awareness, staying updated with the latest tools and methodologies to remain competitive and successful in the dynamic field.

9. continuous learning & devops trends

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