Top 9 Essential Skills for Pharmacy Technicians

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Master medication dispensing and dosage, accurately measuring and dispensing medications to ensure patient safety and compliance.

1. medication dispensing & dosage

Develop expertise in pharmaceutical knowledge and terminology, understanding drug classifications and medical terms to facilitate effective communication.

2. Pharmaceutical knowledge & terminology

Hone your skills in prescription interpretation and filling, interpreting prescriptions accurately and efficiently preparing medications for dispensing.

3. prescription interpretation & filling

Understand patient interaction and customer service, providing support and information to patients while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

4. patient interaction & customer service 

Familiarize yourself with pharmacy software and technology, efficiently using digital tools to manage prescription records and enhance workflow.

5. pharmacy software & technology

Engage in inventory management and control, monitoring and maintaining appropriate stock levels to ensure the availability of medications.

6. inventory management & control

Cultivate skills in regulatory compliance and safety, adhering to pharmacy regulations and ensuring a safe and secure environment for medication storage.

7. regulatory compliance & safety

Prioritize team collaboration and communication, working seamlessly with pharmacists and other healthcare professionals to ensure coordinated patient care.

8. team collaboration & communication

Embrace continuous learning and pharmacy trend awareness, staying updated with the latest advancements and best practices to remain competitive and successful in the dynamic field of pharmacy operations.

9. CONTINUOUS learning & pharmacy TRENDS

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