What is a data scientist's career path?

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A data scientist's career path is an exciting and potentially lucrative one. To become a data scientist.

Top 10 tips

A good place to begin is by learning the basics of data analysis and gaining a solid understanding of the fundament.

1. Start with data analysis

The ability to effectively communicate data is an important part of being a successful data scientist.

2. Develop data skills

Knowing how to manipulate data to get the desired results is a key skill for any data scientist.

3. manipulation skills

A good data scientist will be able to use a programming language to automate data analysis tasks and develop data-driven applications.

4. Learn a language

Machine learning is an important part of data science and it is important for data scientists to understand the fundamentals of this area.

5. machine learning

Knowing how to work with business stakeholders is important for any data scientist.

6. Develop business acumen

It is important to have a portfolio of data science projects that demonstrate your skills and show off your work.

7. Build a portfolio 

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