What to wear to a Job Interview

What to wear to a Job Interview 

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When going for a job interview, making a good first impression is important. Choose an outfit that is professional and makes you feel confident.

find out the dress code of the company you are interviewing with. If there is no dress code.

1. Do your Research

you want the interviewer to focus on your qualifications, not your body. You have things going on in your personal life that might impact your work

2. Avoid Anything too Revealing

Conservative colors, such as black, blue, gray, and brown, seem to be the the safest bet when meeting someone for the first time in a professional.

3. Choose Conservative Colors

you want to look timeless and professional., A Blazer Doesn't Upgrade the Rest of Your Outfit. 

4. Avoid Anything too Trendy

your interviewer will be able to tell if you are wearing cheap or ill-fitting clothing.

5. Invest in Quality Pieces

Make sure your clothing is clean and pressed: you don't want to look like you just rolled out of bed.

6. Look Clean

they should be clean and in good condition. Avoid open-toed shoes or anything too flashy.

7. Pay Attention to Your Shoes

No one should wear cologne to any interview. Many progressive employers have a no scent policy in the workplace.

8. Avoid Strong Fragrances

in case the air conditioning is on high. You can add a touch of color by wearing hints of light blue, pale pink, or a light yellow.

9. Bring a Sweater or Jacket

sit up straight and avoid fidgeting. Keep your head up and your shoulders back but relaxed. When you sit, choose a position idea

10. Practice your Posture

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