Why should we hire you? (Top 10 tips)

Why should we hire you? (Top 10 tips)

By ResumeKraft

Here are the top 10 tips to impress the hiring manager to land your dream job.

Have the relevant qualifications, experience and relevant skills to impress the hiring manager.

1. Experience

Do your research. Be sure to research the company you are interviewing with and the specific role you are applying for. 

2. Research

I am a team player and I have good interpersonal skills. Interpersonal skills are a specific type of social skills.

3. Interpersonal skills

I always take initiative. You are ready before something happens. The opposite is being reactive, or waiting for things to unfold before responding.

4. I am proactive

needs to be able to solve problems that arise within the team. To identify potential problems and find solutions.

5. Problem-solving skills

A quick learner is a person who has an exceptional ability to process, understand and memorize new information.

6. I am a fast learner 

doing what you say you will by the deadline you have agreed, and turning up when you are meant to be there.

7. I am reliable

I am detail-oriented and I always pay attention to details. I'm typically careful and focused on little details in my personal life and work life.

8. Oriented Skills

I have good organizational skills. such as the ability to create and keep deadlines, delegation, goal setting, decision making, team management.

9. Organizational Skills

I am a good communicator and I have good writing skills. – Confident, articulate, and professional speaking abilities. (and experience)

10. Communication Skills

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