7 Highest Paying Careers In UAE

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UAE is one of the most sought-after destinations for people looking to start a career. It offers outstanding job opportunities

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The CEO is responsible for the overall success of an organization. The average salary for a CEO in UAE.

1. Chief Executive Officer

Due to the booming oil and gas industry in UAE, petroleum engineers are in high demand.

2. Petroleum Engineers

Investment bankers help organizations make the right financial decisions. The average salary for an investment banker in UAE.

3. Investment Bankers

Management consultants provide advice to organizations on improving their operations.

4. Management Consultant

UAE is home to many world-class airlines and aviation professionals are in high demand.

5. Aviation Professionals

IT professionals are in high demand in UAE due to the country’s rapidly developing technology sector.

6. IT Professionals

Due to the booming construction industry in UAE, construction managers are in high demand. The average salary.

7. Construction Managers

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