How do I change my career at the age of 30?

By ResumeKraft

Changing careers at the age of 30 can be daunting, but it is possible with the right mindset and plan of action.

Make sure you have a clear purpose for changing careers. Identify the reason why you are making the switch and ensure it is a goal you are passionate.

1. clear purpose

Take the time to learn about the job market and understand the challenges and opportunities of the field.

2. Research the industry

Assess your existing knowledge and skill set to identify areas where you may need to gain experience or qualifications.

3. Take stock of your skills

Set yourself achievable goals and deadlines to help you transition into the new field.

4. Develop a plan

Connect with those already working in the field to gain insight, advice, and potential job opportunities.

5. Network

If your existing skills and experience are not directly relevant to the new field, consider undertaking further training or education.

6. Consider retraining

Modify your resume to highlight the skills and experience which make you suitable for the new field.

7. Update your resume

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