How to Get Over Your Fear of Networking: 10 Tips From Career Experts

By ResumeKraft

Networking can be daunting, especially if you're introverted or feel like you don't have anything to offer.

If the thought of a networking event fills you with dread, start with something more low-key, like connecting with a colleague for coffee.

1. Start small

Have a few talking points ready so you don't feel like you're stumbling around in the conversation.

2. Prepare ahead of time

Don't be afraid to ask for help. Don't be afraid to ask others for help; since you cannot win on your own.

3. Don't be afraid 

Seek out more organized events, panel discussions, and volunteer opportunities that focus on a specific thing.

4. Seek out events

After meeting someone, be sure to send a quick email or LinkedIn message thanking them for their time.

5. Follow up

Keep your eyes and ears open. If you see someone who has been going through a lot, reach out to them.

6. Offer help

As you use social media for your business, it’s important to regularly evaluate your efforts and make adjustments as needed.

7. Be positive

If you can help the other person with something, they will remember you and appreciate your assistance.

8. Offer help

After the event, send a quick email or LinkedIn message to the people you met. This will help you stay in touch and continue building the relationship.

9. Follow up

Top Don't Force Yourself To Someone Quotes Parents don't always like to admit that things have changed.

10. Take your time

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