How to Handle Conflict: 10 Tips From Career Experts

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there are many reasons that conflict may arise. However, if a business is going to be successful then its employees understand.

If you can, try to avoid getting into arguments with the person you're in conflict with. This will only make the situation worse.

1. Avoid arguing

Make sure you're communicating effectively with the other person. This means listening as well as speaking.

2. Communicate

You have a right to your own opinion and feelings. Be assertive in expressing yourself, but try not to be aggressive.

3. Be assertive

Be willing to listen to the other person's point of view and consider their perspective.

4. Be open-minded

Sometimes it's necessary to compromise in order to resolve a conflict. This doesn't mean giving in, but rather finding a middle ground.

5. compromise

Don't assume you know what the other person is thinking or feeling. This can only lead to misunderstanding.

6. Avoid making assumptions

Even if you don't agree with the other person, you should still treat them with respect. This includes not name-calling or making personal attacks.

7. Be respectful

It is also best to ask for feedback when the person you're asking is not busy or preoccupied.

8. Get feedback

Be quick to forgive. Every conflict needs a clear resolution that acknowledges hurt feelings and finds a solution that begins to mend them.

9. Be willing to forgive

Some conflicts require a mediator. Mediators act as a neutral party who help facilitate a productive conversation.

10. Use a Mediator

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