How To Use Friends as a Reference - 10 Tips

By ResumeKraft

Using a friend as a reference can be a great way to bolster your employment applications.

Not all of your friends will have the best knowledge of you and your work experience.

1. Choose friends carefully

Choose friends who can vouch for the quality of your work and the character that you possess.

2. familiar with you

This will give them time to think about how they want to answer any questions they might be asked.

3. use as a reference

Before approaching a friend to use as a reference, make sure you get their permission.

4. Ask permission first

It’s best to ask for a reference from someone who knows you well, has seen your work, and can speak positively about you.

5. Ask for the right person

You can provide your friend with a reference letter that outlines your qualifications and why you’d be a great fit for the job.

6. Write a reference letter

Be honest with your friend about why you’re asking for their reference. If they know you’re trying to get a job.

7. Be honest

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