How To Use Friends as a Reference - 10 Tips

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Using friends as a reference is an excellent way to demonstrate your qualifications and abilities in a job search.

Top 7 tips

Make sure your friends are aware of your job search and the skills and qualifications you are offering potential employers.

1. aware of your job

Choose friends who can speak to your work ethic, skills, and potential.

2. work

Ask your friends to provide an honest assessment of your abilities and strengths.

3. honest assessment

Ask your friends to provide specific examples of your successes or projects you have worked on together.

4. examples

Make sure your friends are comfortable providing references and have a clear understanding of your job search goals.

5. providing references

Provide your friends with a copy of your resume and/or cover letter to ensure they are familiar with your experience.

6. copy of your resume

Ask your friends to be available for follow-up questions or requests for additional information.

7. follow-up questions

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