Resume Writing for Careers in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry

By ResumeKraft

Writing a great resume is essential for success in the competitive and fast-paced pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

Make sure to highlight your education, relevant professional experience, and any specialty skills or certifications that you possess.

1. Showcase your knowledge

Show the employer that you have done your research and understand the requirements of the job.

2. Tailor your resume 

Quantify your successes and be sure to use strong action verbs to describe them.

3. Focus on accomplishments

Be sure to include relevant words such as “GMP,” “FDA,” “regulatory,” and “compliance” in your resume.

4. Use keywords

List the most relevant information first, and be sure to use consistent formatting throughout.

5. Organize your resume

Your resume should be no longer than two pages, and be sure to use clear, effective language.

6. Keep it concise

double-check your work. Typos and errors can make your resume look unprofessional and sloppy.

7. Proofread

Job Winning Resume Example

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