The Resume Writing Process: From Start to Finish

By ResumeKraft

The resume writing process can be intimidating, especially for those looking to make a major career change.

Top 7 tips

Take a few moments to reflect on your experience and create an outline of your education, skills, and relevant experience.

1. Outline your experience

Consider the type of job you are seeking and determine if a chronological, functional, or combination format is best.

2. Choose a resume format

Action verbs such as managed, led, developed, etc. will help to make your resume more effective.

3. Use strong action verbs

Tailor your resume. Be sure to customize your resume for each job or position you apply to.

4. Tailor your resume

Highlight any accomplishments or successes you have achieved in your professional life.

5. Focus on accomplishments

Be sure to use keywords and phrases that are relevant to the position or industry you are applying.

6. Use keywords

with a wide range of features. Features such as spell check, grammar check, and portfolio creation can help you create a professional-looking resume.

7. Look for a resume builder

Job Winning Resume Example

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