Top 10 Dos and Dont's of Linkedin Marketing

By ResumeKraft

LinkedIn provides an invaluable resource for businesses and individuals looking to connect with like-minded professionals.

Adding a profile photo increases the credibility of your profile as it allows people to see who you are when you send invitations to connect.

1. profile picture

Don’t be afraid to try out new headlines and continually tweak as your career goals change. This way you will always be appearing in the right places.

2. Optimize your headline

Now that you have read the basic tips on how to write a LinkedIn summary, it’s time to learn an effective way to write this section.

3. compelling summary

highly recommend work on yours as an additional resource to highlight your skills on LinkedIn. You may represent your achievements in graphs.

4. Highlight your skills

Calls to action can direct traffic to a business’ website, encourage new customers to interact with a company and increase profits.

5. call-to-action

Participating in groups can also increase our exposure to diversity and broaden our perspectives.

6. participate in groups

High quality content supports one or more of the goals you set in your content marketing strategy.

7. high-quality content

Influencer marketing has the potential to give your brand a tremendous boost online. This become very popular among digital marketers and brands.

8. Connect with influencers

You can use Sponsored Content, Message Ads, Dynamic Ads, Text Ads, or a mix of all four. Sponsored Content appears directly in the LinkedIn feed.

9. Use LinkedIn Ads

If you are on LinkedIn to be found, updating your profile more often than once every 90 days is imperative.

10. update your profile

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