Top 10 Program Management Resume Skills

By ResumeKraft

When it comes to crafting a strong program management resume, having the right skills is crucial.

A successful program manager must have the ability to lead teams, set and accomplish goals, and manage resources.

1. Leadership Skills

Program managers must be able to think critically and strategically to identify and solve problems.

2. Strategic Thinking

Program managers often work with a variety of departments, so they must be able to collaborate.

3. Functional Collaboration

Program managers must have a keen understanding of financial management and be able to create budgets and track expenses.

4. Budgeting

Program managers must have experience managing projects from start to finish, including assigning tasks, setting deadlines.

5. Project Management

Program managers must be able to identify problems, develop solutions, and make quick decisions.

6. Problem Solving

Program managers must be able to analyze data and use it to inform decisions.

7. Analytical Thinking

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