The Latest Resume Trends for Career Progression

By ResumeKraft

In today's job market, it's important to stay up to date with the latest resume trends to maximize your chances of career progression.

Top 10 tips

Avoid clutter and make sure your resume is easy to read and visually appealing.

1. Use a concise format

Tailor your resume to each specific job you apply for to increase your chances of getting noticed.

2. Customize your resume

Incorporate keywords from the job posting into your resume to help it get past applicant tracking systems (ATS).

3. Use keywords

Highlight your achievements rather than just listing your job duties. This will help demonstrate the value you can bring to a new employer.

4. Focus on achievements

Whenever possible, quantify your achievements with numbers or other metrics to help showcase your impact.

5. Use metrics

Employers are increasingly looking for candidates with strong soft skills, such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. Make sure to highlight these skills in your resume.

6. Incorporate soft skills

Use bullet points to make your resume easy to scan and quickly highlight your key skills and accomplishments.

7. Use bullet points

Highlight any ongoing professional development or continuing education you've pursued to show that you're committed to learning and growing.

8. Show continuous learning

Use a brief summary or objective statement to introduce yourself and highlight your key skills and experience.

9. Include a summary

In some industries, video resumes are becoming increasingly popular. Consider creating a video to showcase your skills and personality.

10. Consider video resumes

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