What should be the content in one’s LinkedIn profile?

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Creating a strong and up-to-date profile on LinkedIn is essential for anyone looking to stay competitive in today’s job market.

Your profile photo should be an accurate representation of the person you are today.

1. Use professional headshot

This should be written in the first person and should give a snapshot of your professional experience and qualifications.

2. detailed summary

List all of your work experience in chronological order, including the dates, job title, and a brief description of your responsibilities.

3. Add work experience

Demonstrate your skills and talents by adding the most relevant keywords and phrases.

4. Highlight your skills

Ask colleagues, mentors, and supervisors to write a recommendation for you and include it on your profile.

5. Seek recommendations

List all of your educational qualifications, including the name of your school and the degree you earned.

6. Add your education

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