Accounting Assistants is a part of a larger team engaged in maintaining and updating accounts in an organization. The basic accounting assistant job description is to extend the necessary help and support to senior accountants in the team an accounting assistant normally has to perform the following set of activities as part of their job:

Accounting Assistant Responsibilities:

  • To verify & check the daily transactions
  • Sorting the vouchers  department-wise
  • Post daily vouchers in the journals/ledger or enter in the computer system, if in use.
  • Prepare checks and vouchers as instructed by the supervisors
  • Prepare the necessary daily accounts statements
  • Tallying the cash with the account balances
  • Filing the vouchers & documents

Accounting Assistant Qualifications:

Qualifications – An accounting assistant must possess a graduation degree with commerce/accounting & finance or diploma in Accounting/finance from a technical institute with some practical experience. Those who have done internship/ training as a part of their studies are definitely preferred by reputed establishments.

Licensure Requirements – There are no laid down licensure requirements for the job of a waiter.
However, it vastly improves the future prospects if one obtains the certification as a Certified Public Accountants (CPA) after gaining some work experience in the field. For this, one must have a degree and has to pass the exams conducted by the Board of accountancy.

Accounting Assistant Skills:

Skills required for being an Accounting Assistant:
Only people having a flair for numbers and capacity for the repetitive type of work involved in accounts -keeping should enter this line of occupation.
To become an accounting assistant, the following skills/abilities are required:

  • Good communication & analytical skills
  • Flair with numbers and arithmetical abilities
  • Good knowledge of book-keeping and accounting practices
  • Knowledge of working on computers especially the spreadsheets & word processing software packages
  • Good interpersonal skills to successfully function as a member of the team in a team
  • Meticulous approach

Career Growth:

Accounting assistants get a good starting salary in the range of US $ 50,000 per annum. However, those with good qualifications & experience can easily get a job at an annual salary up to $ 80,000. One can secure a quantum jump in position and salary by acquiring additional professional qualifications in accounting and finance.

There is ample scope for speedy raises and promotions for efficient accounting assistants in any organization as there is a shortage of proficient accounting professionals in the market. With an increase in business & industrial establishments, the demand for experienced accounting professionals is growing.

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