Architects are the ones who work in the industry of construction. He involved in the various works related to the field of constructions like making the designs for the new buildings, making alterations or extensions to the existing buildings, also gives advice for the restoration or reconstruction for the old buildings. He also works on the large redevelopment scheme. He can work on individual buildings also. He is also responsible for making the design of the landscaped surroundings.

The architect works very closely with the clients and works on the design as demanded by the client. He works on the project and gives assurance to the client that he will provide him the best design. He/she designs accordingly to the client requirement which is safe, functional and at an affordable price.

The architect controls the whole of the project from the very beginning to the end of the project. During this whole process, he comes in contact with various persons like a supervisor, engineers, constructional professionals and many more. They work as a team for the competition of the work. Various work activities included before the start of the project until the end of the projects.

Architect Job Responsibilities:

  • Discuss with the client related to the requirements, objectives and the budgets client is having for the construction of the building.
  • Consulting the other professional regarding the design of the environment.
  • Prepare and present the design of the building to the client.
  • Give advice to the client related to the practicality of the project.
  • Give the advice and help to the client related to the selection of the location or the site.
  • Use the project management and the IT designs for making the blueprint of the building.
  • Keep all the related things of the building in the budget and do all works before the completion of the deadline.
  • Producing the detailed report regarding the project like specification, drawing and working.
  • Prepare the presentations and the tenders for the project.
  • Manage the project and coordinate the work with the contractor.
  • Control all the related work of the project from the very start to the ending of the project.
  • After completion of the project if any problem arises related to the construction then he is responsible for resolving that problem.

Architect Job Skill and Qualification:

Skills required by the architect

  • The architect is the one who prepares the design of the building.
  • The architect is responsible for making the selection of the place for the building.
  • He makes the entire budget and works under that budget.
  • Provide the exact design to the client as he needed.
  • Negotiation with the contactors.
  • Makes the tenders and the presentation for the building.
  • Responsible for making the contracts related to the building.
  • After the completion of the building work, he is responsible for making the visits to that place. If the client is suffering from any construction problem then he is responsible to provide the solution to the problem.

Education and certification:

The Architect candidate is required to earn a bachelor’s degree. Colleges and universities offer three types of degrees to the candidate for becoming an architect. The following degrees are provided to the candidate:

  • Five years of bachelor’s degree in an architect is provided by the colleges of the university to the candidates who got the admission directly after completing the high school studies or to those who are not having prior experience in the field of the architect.
  • Two years of master’s degree is provided by the colleges of the university to those students who have done their graduation in the field of an architect or the related field.
  • Three to four of master’s degree is provided to those students who earned a graduate degree in another field which is not related to this architect field.
  • For becoming the architect it is required for the candidate to earn the license for working as a professional architect.
  • For gaining the license it is required to pass all the examinations conducted by the architect registration examination, done all the related training or the internship for the completion of the program.

Career Growth:

It is estimated that the job prospects for the architect are growing faster than the average of the other profession through 2020. Excellent professionals will face competition in the market for getting a prestigious position. The person can work as an architect after earning the license of the architect. The one who knows about CADD technology enjoys the advantages.

Architect Salary:

The architect’s average salary is $82,800 per year.

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