A professional who is titled as the chief of the law enforcement and justice is called the attorney general. The chief can be appointed as the attorney general either at the federal, local or at the state level. An Attorney General is a representative in the matters related to criminal justice or law for the government and leads the legal counsel for the government.

An Attorney General is required to draw up the legal documents, administer and counsel the clients on legal transactions. The kind of law that the attorney general practices are dependent on the position they hold. They are to ensure their clients shall receive the best legal representation. An Attorney General should make sure that the clients are served well in their best interest. An Attorney General is responsible for advising and lending opinion to the president and other departments of the federal government. An Attorney General is responsible for the implementation of federal laws.

Attorney General Qualification and Skills

Basic Requirements: To serve as an attorney general, the applicant should have graduated in the stream of law. He or she can also be a postgraduate or a doctorate in law. The individual gets a credential only after having passed the graduation exam. The credential for the post of the attorney general is obtained by clearing the exam that is conducted by the state. They are also required to undertake the Law School Application Test Exam.

Skills and Competencies: The attorney general needs to have thorough knowledge about the law and order should be very well versed and comfortable while studying and conducting research on the appropriate legal decisions. They should be excellent while addressing the public, have technical and scientific experience all depending on their nature of the practice. Other skills are:

  • Communication skills,
  • Interpersonal skills,
  • Have knowledge about the duties related to his profile,
  • Protects the acts of legislation and implement new laws if required,
  • Active listening and critical thinking ability,
  • An Attorney General must have complex problem solving and ability in order to give fair judgment thereby solving the problems of the clients.

Professional Growth:

An Attorney General enjoys the political influence on getting the position as an attorney general. Though there is a fall in the recruitment percentage, even then there is growth in the career of the attorney general. There is an increasing employment outlook for this profession. If one desires to get on to a higher position, the attorney general should contact the president or the attorney general. An Attorney General can also work as a prosecutor or as a public prosecutor. On gaining experience, the attorney general can also open a law operating company.

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