The banking sector forms the foundation of a country’s success and is considered as the most important sector in a country. Even during the period of recession, the banking sector remains unaffected. The country never affords to get this sector affected as this is directly connected to the people. The money matters of an individual, leading to the matters of a country are highly dependent on the banks.

The banks operate on their customer’s money and have complete responsibility for their money. Banks are approached by people in case of money storage, loan application, and other property-related matters. The banks are the firms having the largest number of customers ranging from lower class people to the rich class. Everyone needs banks as this the safest and fastest mode to handle your money matters. So, this firm never sees closures and people working in this sector have the most promised job and fruitful career.

Bank Teller Responsibilities

A bank teller is a person who takes up multiple tasks in a bank. He is responsible for money withdrawals, cash checking, money transfer, other products, and policies, etc. A bank teller discusses the loan schemes with the customers and tells them the way to apply for it, about the benefits he or she may get. He/she keeps the records of the deposits and the amounts in the account of the customer. They handle the cheque amount and the cashing details. Handling of money orders and drafts is also one of the main tasks of a bank teller. Receiving cash at the beginning of the shift starts up his/her day. The various kinds of bill payments are done by the bank teller. A new account can be activated in a bank by only consulting a bank teller that would do the task for you. Not only just opening of the account but also managing your debit account and savings account lies in his/her tasks.  Bank Teller’s job description will provide you further information on skills, qualification and career growth in this profession.

Qualifications and expertise required

Students with a bachelor’s degree in commerce or master’s degrees in the field of banking services are considered to be fit for the job of a bank teller. Usually, the people with banking back round are preferred by the banks and hired on a large scale. Also, those having masters in the business application, whether in the field of finance or accounts are preferred for this job by the banks. But nowadays the banks association has decided to conduct a common written examination for all graduates, for which the criteria are different for the different banks. Who so ever clears the test is required to appear for an interview and the selection for the post of the bank teller is made on that basis.

Other than qualifications some skills are essential for a bank teller to work efficiently

Skills required

  • High numeric aptitude: A person having good mathematical skills is absolutely fit for this kind of job and can seek greater career
  • Good communication skills: A bank teller always has a customer dealing so it is required to have good communication skills in order to communicate well and please customers
  • Hard working and tolerant: A bank teller must be able work under heavy work loads and should not loose tolerance in order to maintain his accuracy
  • Good listening skills: A bank teller of positive attitude would always listen to his/her customers with patience and try to solve their problem with a tolerant and positive manner
  • High attention and accuracy: The task of a bank teller encloses great problems as he or she is dealing with customer’s money and any mismatching of figures or interchanging of digits can cause serious problems for him/her and the bank. So, he or she needs to be highly attentive to maintain the accuracy of their work.
  • Honesty: A bank teller needs to be very honest in his/her work and never do any kind of frauds that spoils his and the bank’s name. This really affects the relationship of the bank and his customers.
  • Adaptability: A bank teller should be able to adapt positively in the bank environment and work with no doubts and dissatisfactions.

Career growth

As it is mentioned before that the banking sector is the most unaffected sector of a country and people working here have the most promising future here .The job security is maximum and other benefits and allowances are at maximum level in the banking sector.

The salary scales are good initially and are always good in the future. You get a petrol allowance, medical allowance, phone allowance and free trips by the banks. So one can find a greater career in the banking sector and can lead a good life being a bank teller.

Published by Sarah Samson

Sarah Samson is a professional career advisor and resume expert. She specializes in helping recent college graduates and mid-career professionals improve their resumes and format them for the modern job market. In addition, she has also been a contributor to several online publications.

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