Botany is a branch of science which deals with the study of plants. A professional who studies and works with this branch of science is called as a botanist. Botanist is a professional who studies plants, their growth, structure, metabolism, reproduction, diseases, and development of the plant. They perform research on thousands of plants.

There are different types of a botanist. Some examples of different types of botanists are marine botanists, economic botanists, agronomists, plant physiologist and many more. Every botanist performs various types of duties. Their responsibilities vary with the requirements of their job profile. A plant physiologist has the role of finding out the humidity, temperature, light and other conditions of the environment on plants. Agronomist deals with agriculture and crops fertilization. The botanist job description generally varies from one field to another.

Skills and Qualification Required

As far as education is concerned a degree of doctorate in botany is must for a botanist. He can start learning botany in his initial studies. In his bachelor degree he can choose medical sciences and botany as a main subject in his courseware. He can go to research after doing some these programs and can move to other fields related to plants. Some skills that are required by a professional to become botanist are to have an undying passion and love for plants. He must be able to learn more and more about the new plants, their growth, their plantation and all other prospects of them.

Professional growth

The professional growth of a professional botanist is quite good. After the completion of his education, he can lead his career in teaching, research and other many professions. They can apply anywhere in private agencies, government offices or research institutions. The average salary of the botanist is expected to near about $82, 247 annually.

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