A Brand Manager is a very important person in an organization. They are the ones who are responsible for the success of any organization with the help of marketing strategies. A brand manager is a person who plans, develops and directs the marketing efforts for a particular brand or product. they typically ensure the quality and successful promotion of a certain line of products.

Brand Manager Task or Responsibilities

Their main task is to promote their organization or products by doing planning or various strategies. They analyze the sales figure, sets the price and oversees advertising campaigns. Nowadays every organization is dependent on advertisement and marketing. They basically work in most of the organizations that manufacture commercial or consumer products, from packaged foods to home electronics to industrial machinery. Organizations spent millions on brand campaigns, paying large money to their brand ambassadors, distributing flier’s and attracting customers by organizing some musical events or shows.

Brand Manager Qualification and Skills


  • Candidates who want to become a Brand Manager should enroll in the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in marketing. It will be beneficial for the candidates who are poor in marketing, advertising, sales, communication, public relations, etc.
  • They should have a bachelor’s degree in Science, Commerce or Arts.

Skills required to become a Brand Manager:

  • They should know different marketing terminology, they should be excellent in communication.
  • They should possess strong interpersonal skills.
  • They need to be result-oriented.
  • They should have leadership qualities and should know how to take work from the marketing representatives.
  • They should have sales skills. So that they can achieve the targets of the organization.
  • If one will be able to achieve targets then incentives and rewards will be there.
  • They should know which brand ambassador will be more beneficial for their organization/product.
  • They should have good listening skills and should be committed to the truth.
  • They should be focused on their work.
  • They should always have creative and positive thinking so that they will discover new methods of promoting their organization/products/brand, which could be different from other organizations.
  • In most of the marketing careers, presentation skills are a necessity because they need to give presentations at various venues to promote their brand.

Professional Growth:

Brand Manager is mainly responsible for marketing. A career in marketing can take you in several directions. Marketing can be defined as being the intermediary function between product development and sales. Brand Manager is the career track. In the consumer products industry, they play an important role. They are mainly associated with the industries which are on a small scale because they have a massive responsibility on their shoulders to sell that brand in the market. It is a brand manager’s job to achieve the brand’s targets and give hard competition to its competitors.

The annual income of a Brand Manager in the U.S. varies from $85,000 to $106,000. Experience of a minimum of 2 years can take you a very long way. The competition in this field is more but the chances of an increase in salary with the quality are high. Some of the Brand Managers open up their own consultancy firms, while some acquire senior management positions.

Published by Sarah Samson

Sarah Samson is a professional career advisor and resume expert. She specializes in helping recent college graduates and mid-career professionals improve their resumes and format them for the modern job market. In addition, she has also been a contributor to several online publications.

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