Cardiologist is a person who is specialized in treating patients suffering from heart problems. Cardiologist will diagnose and treat heart problems. Check the Cardiologist job description below to know more on what Cardiologist should study and concentrate on.

Physicians who have specialization in the treatment of blood vessels and the heart are known as cardiologists. They give treatment and cure for elderly people as well as for new born babies. The role of a cardiologist is divided in two parts. The first is the cardiologist and the second is the interventional cardiologist. The cardiologists diagnose the heart for disease and prescribe appropriate treatment for it. On the other hand an interventional cardiologist identifies the disorder by carrying out various tests and then provides the appropriate treatment.

A cardiologist may also train him self to be a cardiac surgeon. They practice on their own as well as at the hospital. They are generally helped by staff of nurses and other personnel’s of the administration. There is new trend wherein these physicians work in groups and thus provide coverage backup which allow them more time off. These physicians work as a team and are more inter linked to each other than solo practitioners of the past.

Cardiologist Job Skills and Qualification Required

Premedical – in this the person undergoes a four year under graduation training. The person has to score more than 3.5 in the s GPA and above 3.75 in c GPA. The score in MCAT should be 32. After the under graduation program there is medical school period of four years. In the first year the person gains knowledge in the foundations of all the sciences such as cardiology, biochemistry, and immunology etc. they study only the non-clinical subjects for first two years. For the next couple of years they specialize in the hospitals in an area.

There is three year internship program after the completion of medical school. The candidate planning to do private practice should apply for license.  There are many sub fields in which the certification can be done like interventional cardiology, transplant cardiology, cardio vascular disease and clinical cardiac electro physiology. Before starting the practice the person should prepare him self to work long and irregular hours; in a survey in the year 2004 it was found that a full-time physician works for more than sixty hours a week.

Professional Growth:

Just after finishing the studies, a cardiologist will probably not go for solo practice. He may work in a clinic, group medical practice, or health networks. With experience the career prospects of a cardiologist becomes very good.

Earnings made by physicians and cardiologists in the United States are considered the best from among all the industry. The average salary of a pediatric cardiologist is around $ 2,300,000. This is been found in a survey done by the American Medical Group Association. As per MGMA, non-interventional cardiologist earns around $ 454000 per annum.

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