A chemist is a professional who works with the properties as well as the structures of the diverse chemical materials. He has to examine the compositions of the various chemical substances.

He prepares the test statements and the technical report of the chemical substances. He also conveys the statements as well as the records to the other professionalisms that are related to this profession. He carries out the number of tests on the chemical product to analyze the property of that product very clearly.

He finds out the new knowledge about the chemical products. Sometimes he has to deal with the dangerous chemical substances. He has to carry out the safety measures while dealing with the chemicals. He also observes the organic and non organic chemicals so as to check out their physical as well as the chemical property.

Chemist Job Qualification and Skills


the minimum qualification that the candidate should have is the bachelor’s degree in chemistry. He should have basic knowledge about the computer as well as math. With a master’s degree in this filed, one can achieve a good job opportunity. The experience in this profession is also important. One can also do a doctoral degree in this field if he or she wants to do it. This doctoral degree could help him if he wants to go into the educational field.

Skills required by the chemist:

A chemist should possess some skills related to his profession. Those skills are mentioned below:

• Have good oral as well as written communication skills
• Have good analytical power
• Be able to work under the pressure
• Have decision-making ability
• Have the patience
• Have good presence of mind
• Be a keen observer
• Have the high-quality problem-solving ability
• Have excellent computer skills
• Have deep knowledge about chemistry
• Be good in math
• Have good interpersonal skills
• Be able to sort out the error that arises at the time of the experiment
• Have good knowledge about the properties of chemicals
• Update himself with the new chemical theories

Job Prospects

The job prospects of chemists are wide. He can get employment in the mining industries, research development sectors, pharmaceuticals, etc. This professional is also welcomed in the government sector. The candidate can choose his profession in various fields like medical, organic, and inorganic chemist.

The salary in this profession depends upon the experience, qualification, type of the company, etc. The average annual salary of the chemist is nearly about $42,000 per year.

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