The article mentioned below will give you a brief idea of what is the Chief of Staff Job Description is all about. Established organizations such as Corporations, banks, and hospitals hire them for their services. They generally provide support to these above-mentioned organizations and are answerable to the management they work for. This kind of position is found in Army/military services also (Chief of Army Staff). The person heading this department has many responsibilities and undertakes various steps for effective decision making, as and whenever required.

His work includes maintenance of reports on a daily basis. He provides effective management to the working staff. If the hired individual does not perform up to the expected mark his services are terminated as he is authorized to do so. The promotion of the staff is based on their performance and names are recommended according to it. He is responsible for the entire Effective planning and smooth functioning of the organization. Meetings are organized by him are mostly related to the company’s issues, and the various projects are undertaken.

He supervises the staff in order to finish deadlines which are to be completed at a given time frame and also look after all the financial statements of the company. He keeps an eye on the budget expenditure of the organization. His services are needed in both the sector’s government and as well as private.


• He is answerable to the organization he is working for.
• Supervising the daily maintenance report.
• Finishing deadlines at a given time frame.
• Meetings are organized in order to deal with various issues related to the company, its staff, and other management issues.
• He has to be aware of the functioning of all the departments of the organization.
• He is responsible for the financial statements and as well as the budget of the organization.

Qualification and Skills Required

Education / Training:

• Should have a Masters Degree in Business, Engineering or Mathematics.
• Should generally have an experience of 7-15 years.
• Should have knowledge of computers.
• Should have strong communicative skills and leadership qualities.
• Should be a team builder.


• Work in any given environment and finish the given task at a given time completing the deadlines.
• Should have excellent communicative and management skills.
• Quick decision-taking powers and solving analytical and other problems.
• Introduce new plans for the future development of the organization.

Professional Growth

• There are many job prospects for the Chief of Staff in various organizations such as hospitals, banks and semi-government cooperation.
• His services are needed government and as well as private sectors (Army/Military).
• He heads and looks after many departments of the organization.

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