The clinical physiologist is the one who does extensive study and treat the patients of mental illnesses and disorders. They improve the well being of there clients. They treat the persons suffering from depression, anxiety, stress and other psychiatric problems, eating and sleeping disorders, personal and family related issues.

Clinical Psychologist Responsibilities

The clinical psychologist job description also includes counseling the person on various issues. Clinical Psychologist is the person who works on all the pages of different physical and mental health. A Psychologist can work from home or with any kind of hospitals related to mental health. At times they may even provide physiotherapy to their patients and can bring changes in their behavior pattern.

  • They may even work on a part-time basis with hospitals. Psychologists even guide the students about there studies help them in choosing the right career.
  • They help mentally and emotionally disturbed people to cope up with life.
  • They often take the help of hypnosis to treat the patient. Give stress reduction therapy.
  • They often make a report on the client, sometimes refer them to some institutions or hospitals for further treatment.
  • They often provide training to the fresher.
  • They often work with parents and teachers to create a supportive environment for students.
  • In the case of criminals, they are often called upon to give evidence on his state of mind.

Clinical Psychologist Qualification and Skills Required


They are highly qualified people. They require a doctorate degree or a PhD program. If the Psychologist has to work in school they might be required to have some special degree for school physiology. A PHD degree person can teach or conduct research in the same field. They take almost seven years to complete the program.

License Requirements:

They need to have the license to work that is provided by the state government. A person who has done doctorate must have two years of experience in work to get the license issued.

Skills required by the Clinical Psychologists

General Skills Required –

  • Good communication
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Sound knowledge of treatments and ability to help others
  • Can work in collaboration
  • Ability to read the human mind
  • Should be a good counselor
  • Patient enough to deal with aggressive and violent patients
  • Sound knowledge of all the physiometric test as they need to perform some on certain candidates

Professional Growth

There is an extensive growth in the career of Psychologists. After spending so many years on their studies, they have excellent prospects and they can expect a more than decent job to start their careers, and there is no turning back once they start.

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