A person who works for the patients affected by crime, as well as their relatives is a clinical social worker. This is a satisfying job, but it’s a job requiring physical and mental fitness, demanding work even for 24 hours. Planning, managing and providing social service in mental health, correctional, medical and other specialized military settings is among the main responsibilities of a clinical social worker job description. The individual supervises as well as directs the team of social work members to prepare the social histories and provision of social services within the best of their ability of the staffers.

The training must be conducted for the staff in the best disciplines of the medical practices and social workings by him. The main job done by a clinical social worker is scrutinizing medical records, setting treatment objectives by conducting interviews and assessments and arranging, coordinating and expediting services.  Since a clinical social worker is holding a responsible position in the organization, he is also expected to perform some tasks which describe his leadership abilities in the interest of the company.

Now this includes utilizing some social working methods and some professional working methods too, especially in the medical discipline. He must possess some knowledge regarding social services procedures, resources and policies so that he can make fruitful use of the information by examining it.

Qualification and Skills Required


  • Minimum requirement is a bachelor degree in social work.
  • The actual requirement is master of social working activities.
  • Practice under a licensed social worker.
  • minimum work experience of 1-2 years.
  • Certificate for a clinical social worker is handy though it is not a legal requirement.
  • Licenses will be approved to a clinical social worker according to the standards.
  • Training period is conducted under an experienced and licensed social worker.
  • Training period will last for one year.


  • Ability to work in any time of the day and night when situation demands.
  • Ability to handle the patient with utmost care.
  • The clinical social worker must have good communication skills.
  • providing basic treatment to the patients in trauma
  • examine and  counsel the patients to make him mentally stable
  • rehabilitation of cancer support groups and other groups like it
  • Creation of awareness among people regarding diseases especially AIDS.


As there are many people suffering from many problems, the requirement for these clinical social workers is more and more. The salary of the clinical social worker depends on the seniority level. The junior’s average salary is $35,000 per year. The middle level clinical social worker earns $50,000 per year. The senior clinical social worker earns between $70,100 to $ 100,100.

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