Computers are the backbone of any organization today in the modernized world. It is a fast growing industry as the new technology changes everyday. The further article provides a brief idea about the computer engineer job description. Computer engineer is the person who has command over hardware or the software engineering.

The software engineers are responsible for testing and developing the programs while the hardware engineer is the person who takes care of the equipment that will support the software developed for the systems. They usually work on the controlled offices. Computer engineers need to be fluent and well versed with programming languages like C, C++, and Java. They should be able to install any computer software. A computer engineer works on troubleshooting the programs configure the systems and meets the client in order to understand the requirements of work done on computer.

Apart from testing and developing some engineers even deal in technical assistance if there is a failure in programming or in computer they determine the cause of failure. Many engineers work from offices but there are also a few who work on Field or on construction sites. Many engineers develop the new product. In large companies they have to co-ordinate with other departments. They are even specialized engineers for controlling the traffic through the internet.

Credentials and Abilities required


  • They are required to complete the bachelor’s degree in computer science.
  • Bachelors degree in software engineering
  • Certification in Java, C, C++, Oracle, Java/eee

Licensure Requirements:

The engineers who serve the public needed the license. Computer engineer also need the license to operate if working individually.

Skills required by these Computer Engineer?

General Skills Required –

  • Good communication skills
  • Designing and testing of the software
  • Coding and Decoding skills
  • Understanding of operating systems
  • Analytical and problem solving skills
  • Able to work for long hours
  • Able to meet the targets on or before deadlines
  • Able to work without the supervision
  • Good team player

Professional Growth

What are the job prospects for these Computer Engineer

As technology is growing at a faster pace, the demand for skilled professionals has also increased drastically, so much so that there is a deficit. They are a need for computer engineers in corporate offices, technical departments, software companies, agriculture industry, telecommunications, government, and many more fields

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