The job of the computer specialist is of 2 types. The 1st type of which is computer security specialist along with the other is PC support specialist. Both of them provide the support to the company but in different ways. These people are recruited by the companies to work on computers and make the most use of it.

Computer security specialist:

These specialists are also called the information security specialists. They work to implement the network control methods to prevent the access of user’s on the network by the fire walls. They also provide the security to users by protecting the unauthorized access.

They try to implement the different techniques related to security like the password verification and allow users to enter the data through the keyword. These are the individuals who play the major role in the company by protecting the intruders and hackers from gaining control over the computers and the applications.

Computer support specialist:

These are also called as system administrators or the help desk technicians. They work to solve the problems related to software or hardware in the PC. They also give the help to organization by resolving the issues and let the computers run properly. In addition they are experts in solving the computer problems.

They also do work for software productions such as the SAP, oracle, apple, etc. they also help the people by answering the emails and the phone calls.

Various Tasks performed by a Computer specialist:

The duties or the tasks performed by the computer specialist are different from the computer support specialist.

Customer specialist Duties:

Give the technical assistance to the organization.

  • Trouble shoots the problems related to the hardware’s or software’s.
  • Contact with the management and staff to know the new system requirements.
  • Establishing the software’s allied with the data communications.
  • Work to know the issues in the system.
  • Study the technical manuals and explain them to the users.
  • Answer the queries of the customers.

Computer security specialist Tasks:

  • They employ the use of the security algorithms to secure the data which gets transmitted.
  • They also keep the record of the viruses and work to update them.
  • Discussing the problems related to the violation of security with the users.
  • Gives training to the users to assure security to systems.
  • Implement the methods of security to prevent the company’s secret data and information.

Credentials and Abilities required

Education / Training:

  • Degree of bachelor’s with 3 year or 4 year course in the computers or IT.
  • Specialization in the software and the hardware.
  • Certifications from the CISSP and the related ones.
  • Proper training from the institutions in the area of hardware or software.


  • Conclude the errors in the systems and work to resolve them.
  • Analytical skills and time management skills also.
  • Knowledge about the hardware and the software parts.
  • Strong interpersonal and the communication skills.
  • Strong writing skills to cater the reports of the company.
  • Active listener and learner.

Professional Growth

With the innovation in technology, there is an increase in the demand of computer specialists to cater to the needs of the company’s work. Computer specialist finds the jobs in the large or small scale industries to support the computers. However, the job prospects are best for those having the appropriate degree and the specializations in the field.

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