The Contract Manager is an individual, responsible for the bonds and agreements between the corporation and vendors/suppliers. The main duty of the Contract Manager is to set up and uphold long-term functioning of partnerships or relationships between the corporation and chosen vendors/suppliers.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Investigate supplier/vendor’s abilities and recognize a group of applicant suppliers/vendors for scheme reflection.
  • Help in the concession of agreements with an ideal mix of quality and price.
  • Charge the estimates submitted and choosing the bidders with which the financial/commercial consultation may be performed.
  • Put targets in order to attain positive results in cost negotiations.
  • Carry out the monetary and agreement negotiations at a suitable organization level.
  • Recognize and check financial developments in the marketplace.
  • Direct the spirited bidding and assortment process.
  • Discuss contract conditions, costs, price schedule and making sure that the contracts with the suppliers/vendors are commercially beneficial.
  • Mediates, examines, directs and decides business opportunities between the suppliers/vendors and the company.

Education / Training:

To work as a Contract Manager, the candidate must have a BA/BS degree in a right field such as health administration or business economics. Appropriate knowledge such as in the field of sales and marketing or contract investigates for the pharmaceutical company is the need.


  • Explain goals and arrive at contract upholding the interests of every party.
  • Stay up to date with advertising styles and new growths using data for business development.
  • Construct and uphold outstanding relationships with co-workers and customers.
  • Capability to outline situations, checking and accessing thereby defining set strategies to meet business goals.
  • Solving problems at a planned level and working with others to meet a decision.
  • The Contract Manager must be cautious in setting up to meet precise and positive results.

 Professional Growth

The global job projection for the contract managers includes an excellent enlargement curve.  In addition to that, pay packages are also attractive.

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