This Corporate Controller Job Description would explain in detail what sort of tasks does a Corporate Controller generally does. A Corporate Controller is an individual who manages, examines and ensures the necessities, financial needs, operating cost of the corporation. The corporate controller is also popularly known as Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Corporate controller or the Chief Financial Officers are top managers employed by the corporations. Their main task is to maintain the finances appropriately or in a controlled way. They make monetary strategies, take monetary conclusions, arrange budgets for the corporation, tracks the expenses and the incomes of the corporation etc. He manages financial plans and makes savings decisions. Corporate Controller is also known as the Chief Accounting Officer.


  • He/she manages all activities of monetary recording in the corporation.
  • The CFO takes up the control of the accounting group.
  • The CFO hires associates of his accounting group.
  • He/she is responsible for guiding the operations of the team.
  • They prepare monetary reports.


  • The CFO is responsible for recruiting efficient team associates for upholding appropriate transactions for review.
  • He/she also ensures that the transactions are reviewed prior to auditing to guard the corporation’s stock interest.
  • The CFO directs changes in the monetary reports if require.
  • The CFO deals with the union.
  • The corporate controller ensures that the secretarial group follows guideline of funds for efficient manage of corporation assets.

Qualification and Skills Required

Education / Training:

  • The corporate controller must have a bachelor’s degree in business, accounting, or management. A Master’s degree in business administration and accounting is beneficial.
  • A candidate holding a degree in chartered accountancy is most favored and after training, they may get a certification as a Certified Public Accountant.
  • Certified Management is an additional kind of qualification that may be held by the Corporate Controller.


  • The corporate controller must be excellent at problem-solving.
  • He/she must have curiosity in monetary market processes.
  • The corporate controller must have outstanding financial and economic knowledge.
  • He/she must be should be excellent with statistics and numbers.
  • They must have excellent business administration proficiencies.
  • He/she must have practical knowledge and should be able to work with financial software.
  • He/she should be able to work in a team.
  • The Corporate Controller must have excellent logical skills, must be a planned intellectual, and be excellent in monetary planning.

 Professional Growth

There is a strong professional outlook in this field. The demand is going to increase. A person with excellent financial and economic principles can have a greater scope. In the market, competition for this position is very high.

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