A cosmetologist is a person who tends to the diseases and disorders of hair, nail, or skin. What is the cosmetologist job description? They guide people on how well they can take care of their skin nail or hair. A cosmetologist is a person who works in a hospital, saloon, spa, or hotels. Some of them even sell their own products in the saloon or at there own workplace. They guide us on the kind of cosmetics to be used depending upon the type of skin or hair of the person being treated. In short, they deal with the beauty of the hair, skin, and nails of the person.

They give scalp treatments, facials to all kinds of skins. Cosmetologists sometimes specialize in nail spa, hair spa, etc where they cater to the specific need of the patient with great attention to minutiae. They require good inter personnel skills. He/she should be aware of the latest trends prevailing, as they have to work on updated fashion trends of the market.

Some cosmetologist is also responsible for caring of the wigs, they often weave the hair in scalp with the help of the state of the art technology, to persons having less hair growth, which might occur due to a variety of factors. He/she might have to take the phone calls or book the appointments over the phone.

Qualification and Skills Required

What are the essential requirements for being a cosmetologist (cosmetology job description)?


They have to acquire the high school degree or a diploma as well for being a hair specialist or the cosmetologist. They even have to earn the training for approx a year. Some vocational courses also offer the specialized courses.

Licensure Requirements:

They require a license to operate from the government. The license may differ from state to state. They have to undergo a written and the practical test to avail the license.

Skills required by a cosmetologist

General Skills Required –

  • They are require to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene
  • Good team player
  • Good communication skills
  • Polite attitude
  • Inter personnel skills
  • Supervision of the subordinates
  • Market knowledge
  • Should be aware of all the beauty products prevailing in the market and there usage
  • Need to work on Flexible or fixed working hours
  • Update the customer records

Professional Growth

The professional growth is good as the demand for a cosmetologist is increasing as people have gone more beauty conscious. There has been a significant rise in the need for cosmetologists in recent years. Also, with the fashion and trends changing every hour, and with the people who want to keep up with the pace increasing equally fast, there is an insatiable need for the professionals as of today.

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