A Database Administrator is a professional who looks after different aspects of a database relating to business. Managing the database architecture through different stages like administration, implementation, backup, monitoring, migration and support all are performed by Database Administrator.

Database Administrator decides about which data needs to be stored and the method in which it should be stored. However, the job duties performed by a data base administrator in every organization could be different but there are a few common duties and responsibilities:

Roles and Responsibilities

A job description of Database Administrator has been mentioned as below:

  • Management the data activity and the database structure,
  • Directing  the System  Database Manager,
  • Ensuring the database is reliable,
  • Confirming the security of the Database,
  • Setting up of disk partitioning and sharing of data,
  • Creation and testing of languages related to Data Management.

Qualification and Skills Required

The skills required are as follows:

1) An ability to easily identify problems and come up with solutions, which can be implemented,

2) Ability to apply general rules for problems and come up with a solution,

3) Capable of speaking clearly and communicating well,

4) Able to handle database tuning, management, security and administration,

5) Detailed technical knowledge an essential skill required of a DBA.

Educational Requirements:

A bachelor’s degree in any of the subjects like Information Technology, Business administration, Computer Science, or any other related field is required. A strong understanding of database principles, theories, and structures are required.

Professional Growth:

There are a lot of sectors in which Database Administrators can work as a university, hospital, Credit Card Company, internet-based company or software programming company. Database Administrator can also work in the administrative department, or as a technician in a company.

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