A dental office manager looks after dental departments or clinics.

A dental office manager is responsible for the smooth running of the clinic.  The dental office manager performs important tasks like answering phone calls, allocating appointments with the dentists, assisting dentists during surgeries, treatments and possibly sometimes provides consultation.

Roles and Responsibilities

Roles of a dental office manager

  • Keep a record of all the appointments of the patients with the dentist and make sure there is no overlapping of appointments.
  • Arrange for any clinical investigations or tests and checks the results of the examinations.
  • Supervision of other clerical staff in the office is the other duty of a dental office manager.
  • Maintain and manage the required equipment and supplies in the dental office.
  • A dental office manager is required to take care of the bill payments for utility services used in the office and payment of salary to other employees.

Qualification and Skills Required

Credentials and Abilities Required

A Dental Office Manager requires managerial skills as well enough knowledge about dental health. The basic need to become a dental office manager is high school education and some training to acquire administrative skills. Good knowledge and skills with computer related software is also required.

Skills Required:

  • A dental office manager must have a pleasing personality with good communication skills.
  • He or she must be capable of handling stressful situations and work pressure.
  • The ability to work easily with computers is the other important skill of a dental office manager.
  • The dental office manager must be able to manage the finances properly.

Professional Growth

The health industry is booming and there are many opportunities depending on qualification. If a dental office manager manages to acquire a higher education degree, he or she can start working as a dental assistant or a dental hygienic specialist. A dental office manager can work in various settings like hospitals, dental care centers, and dental or super specialty clinics.

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