A dermatologist job is to find out and treat skin disorders such as warts, rashes, fungal infections and acne. A dermatologist can also treat hair, nails, adjacent mucus membrane and skin. They treat skin allergies, contact dermatitis, and different types of skin irritations. A dermatologist also cures disease such as psoriasis, eczema, and some chronic disorders like acne. They prescribe topical or oral medication for the treatment of such diseases. They are also involved in the treatment of skin cancer. Depending on the condition of the patient they prescribe treatment for the skin cancer after proper examination of the stage of the cancer. People facing finger discoloration, hair loss, and any other skin problem are required to contact their local skin specialist.

A dermatologist may ask few of the patients to get some tests done before they prescribe medications for the disease. A doctor may prescribe skin stitches for person who met with an accident. They can also perform the task of cosmetic surgery which can make a person look good. If a person wants to get rid of unwanted hair on the body he may get laser treatment done from a dermatologist. They can also prescribe ointments to prevent wrinkles from coming in.

They also give suggestions on change in life style of a patient if he is suffering from some chronic disease like eczema. Dermatologist jobalso includes treatment that at times goes for many days. For such chronic diseases, they also make regular check on the patient to know the state of the disease.

Qualification and Skills Required

A doctorate degree is prerequisite if a person wants to become a dermatologist. The person needs to be strong in mathematics and science especially during the school time. It takes around ten years for a person to become a dentist.

Professional Growth

The average earning of a dermatologist is around $ 150,000. After some years of experience the person can take the position of head of the hospital or become a professor of a medical college.

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